Photographs from the visual archives



The CA&A Archive documents and maintains images and architectural plans of more than 7000 monuments and ancient buildings. These resources has been principally created by CA&A’s professional staff, and some have been contributed by research scholars over the years. This section features photographs and architectural drawings that cover nearly all phases of ancient and medieval Indic architecture as well as special image collections shared by research scholars and academic institutions with the Virtual Museum.


The Photo-Archive of the Center for Art and Archaeology houses surveys of 350 museum collections in India, and the results of several documentation projects - some of which were commissioned and funded by the Government of India and carried out by CA&A staff. The collections cover sculptures, paintings and coins housed in government and private museums all across the country. The ‘Museums’ section of the VMIS contains these images from CA&A’s photo archive as well as images of museum collections shared by contributors across the globe.